About The Partnership

/About The Partnership

The Formation of the Partnership

Sandbach Partnership was formed in 2003 Sandbach was one of sixteen towns in the North West involved in the Market Town Initiative Fund which was allocated to support rural recovery. The criteria for the funding was to set up a constituted voluntary Partnership supported by a full-time officer to deliver a plan with suitable projects to access the funding.

In its formative years Sandbach Partnership delivered £1.8 million in projects in Sandbach including: – Sandbach Enterprise Centre, Regeneration of the Market Square, Public Realm and a Shop Front Grant initiative.

Sandbach Partnership has evolved into a dynamic voluntary and community led organisation working with many local groups and statuary organisations, gaining respect from its early successes.

The Aim of the Partnership

Our aim is to enhance the quality of life for the benefit of the people of Sandbach and the surrounding area.

Sandbach Partnership is a ‘CAN DO’ organisation, encouraging and supporting other voluntary groups to be independent and have the same attitude, creating a vibrant and inclusive community.

Sandbach Partnership is project and event driven, the Partnership bids for funding from Local Council’s  and other funding bodies for projects that the community desire.

We also stage events that bring visitors into the town which in turn supports the visitor economy in Sandbach.

Sandbach Partnership is aware of the needs of the residents of Sandbach and working with others as far possible try to address these issues.

The Partnership never claims it works alone, we work with, and support 37 (Link to groups) different voluntary groups each with their own drivers, many of them have been started by the Partnership.

We help with planning, writing, constitutions, bidding for funds, photo copying, advertising events in notice boards, arranging, use of our meeting rooms, providing free insurance for some community events.

The Partnership grows more each year, promoting more events and projects

However, without support and funding from our local councils, we would not be able to make the valuable contribution to our fantastic community.

Social and Community
  • Improving facilities for young people
  • Enhancing the range of cultural activities
  • Encouraging communications between the town and rural hinterland
  • Encouraging an inclusive community full of civic pride
  • Creating better facilities for community events
  • Promoting Sandbach as a shopping destination and tourist attraction
  • Supporting diversification opportunities within the surrounding rural parishes
  • Increasing support for local businesses
  • Stimulating job creation and learning opportunities
  • Raising design quality and strengthening the town’s unique identity
  • Creating good waste management strategy for the town
  • Improving countryside access and conservation
  • Enhancing outdoor space provision and upgrade play areas
  • Transport and accessibility
  • Addressing traffic management issues
  • Improving public transport and public transport infrastructure
  • Improving directional signage and information to visitors
  • Creating safer routes for pedestrians and cyclists